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Proteon Pharmaceuticals Spearheads Sustainable Agricultural Solutions to Curb Antibiotic Use

Proteon Pharmaceuticals was featured by CBS News under the Global Thought Leaders campaign, highlighting innovation at its core through biotechnology and dedication to improving animal and human health.
Read the feature here: Global Thought Leaders.


Highlights of the feature include-

  • Proteon Pharmaceuticals continues to lead the way in innovative biotechnology, driving a paradigm shift towards sustainable agriculture and reduced antibiotic dependency, ultimately benefiting both animal and human health.
  • The feature highlights the company’s dedication to reducing antibiotic usage through groundbreaking bacteriophage-based feed additives, paving the way for environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Proteon Pharmaceuticals acknowledges the risks associated with AMR, stemming from the overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming. Antibiotic residues act as reservoirs for resistant bacteria, contributing to the global crisis of increasing AMR.
  • Proteon Pharmaceuticals’ flagship product, BAFASAL+G®, exemplifies the company’s commitment to sustainable livestock farming. This natural and organic bacteriophage-based feed additive offers an alternative to antibiotics, mitigating the risks of AMR.
  • BAFASAL+G® has proven to be effective against a broad range of Salmonella serovars, improves food safety, reduces infection risks in poultry, and subsequently lowers the threat to consumers.
  • Proteon Pharmaceuticals emphasized on its commitment to net-carbon-negative practices and support towards UN Sustainable Development Goals, including zero hunger, good health and well-being, climate action, and responsible consumption.

The “Global Thought Leaders” campaign by CBS News showcases how forward-thinking businesses are leveraging innovation to reshape our world and forge a brighter future for generations ahead. It covers various topics on Advisory, Energy, Finance, Food and agriculture Technology, Health, Mobility, and Manufacturing.

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