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We are a Pioneer in Bacteriophage Technology for Livestock Farming and Aquaculture

At Proteon Pharmaceuticals, we are shaping the future of farming and advancing animal health through innovative bacteriophage-based solutions. Our portfolio is centered on harnessing the natural power of bacteriophages to tackle global health challenges, such as AMR. Aligned with principles of sustainability, our approach ensures healthier animals, responsible antibiotic usage, and effective disease prevention, all aimed at crafting a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Our solutions

Address Core Protein Production Challenges

Gut Health

Our phage products modulate the microbiome, preventing gut dysbiosis and supporting the immune system to maintain, or return to, a health microbial balance. Gut health improves performance. It also is the tried-and-true way to achieve reliable results. Our phage-based products make gut health synonymous with better economic outcomes.

Antimicrobial resistance

Long-term antibiotic use has created a major risk of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which is now a major sustainability risk on par with climate change. Proteon’s products are an effective new tool that substantially reduces the need for antibiotic use and can even help reduce the presence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria

Food Safety

Moreover, consumers worldwide increasingly demand products without antibiotics, chemicals, or genetically modified feed. This sets the bar high for producers as food safety is more difficult to achieve while maintaining quality. Our bacteriophage-based feed additives are a powerful enabling tool for the farmer as they reduce reliance on antibiotics and chemicals while improving food safety

About Phages

Why Phages?

Bacteriophages, or phages for short, are ubiquitous in the environment. A critical part of ecosystems across the planet, phages naturally control bacterial populations.

Key facts about phages:

  • highly targeted impact on bacteria,
  • support microbiome balance,
  • safe, natural & non-toxic
  • do not contribute to antibiotic resistance,
  • 100% biodegradable organisms,
  • leave no residues in the body
  • effective against even multidrug resistant strains

Proteon Pharmaceuticals designs and produces phage products that take advantage of the natural strengths of these organisms. We use modern scientific tools, like full genome sequencing, to assure that the phages we can guarantee the safety of our products. Moreover, phages leave no residues, are non-toxic (except to the targeted bacteria).


We serve

Proteon Pharmaceuticals serves livestock and aquaculture farms that aim for high-quality and sustainable protein production. We recognize the need for innovative solutions that make economic sense, so that protein producers do not need to choose between economic and environmental sustainability.


Optimizing health is imperative to achieve productivity and take advantage of the advances in nutrition. Maximize the value of modern nutrition strategies with our phage-based products that prevent and mitigate health challenges. Performance gains can be achieved through improved health and reduced morbidity from disease.


Proteon Pharmaceutical’s focuses on providing fishes with natural and safe feed additives. We deliver phage cocktails that either prevent bacterial infections attacking the fishes or eliminate existing infections to significantly decrease mortality.


For all the life stages of dairy animals, we work on natural solutions that are targeted to support most common cattle health issues. The development focuses on delivering the optimal form of application to fit into farm protocols for improved productivity & gains.

Our Feed Additives

Benefits From Using Our Products

The new way to support your herds.

Improved Gut Health

More Sustainable, Less Waste

Better Performance Metrics

Food Safety: Salmonella Free Eggs and Meat

Support the Immune System

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