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PROTEON uses precision biology for microbiome protection to improve animal and human health, increasing environmental sustainability and eliminating the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Our first product, BAFASAL® , is a feed additive that prevents and eliminates salmonella on the poultry farm. Our first aquaculture product, BAFADOR® , a feed additive prevents and eliminates opportunistic infections in the aquaculture pen while enhancing immune function. All of our products are designed so that in addition to their functional benefits they enhance on-farm productivity and increase the environmental sustainability of livestock production

Who We Serve

PROTEON partners with farmers in the field of animal health, focusing on solutions that improve the economic efficiency of farms, while promoting environmentally sound, natural and sustainable solutions.

Proteon animal health

The Proteon Phage Development Platform

PROTEON’S proprietary Phage Development Platform contains tools and processes honed from more than 10 years of R&D experience in bacteriophages. Our products are developed using bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, genomic sequencing, materials engineering and molecular biology.

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How the Phages Solve the Problem on the Farm

In livestock farming including poultry, swine and aquaculture entire populations are given antibiotics even when only a small portion of animals are ill.


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