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Proteon Pharmaceuticals serves livestock and aquaculture farms that aim for high-quality and sustainable protein production. We recognize the need for innovative solutions that make economic sense, so that protein producers do not need to choose between economic and environmental sustainability.

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The new way to support your herds.
Improved Gut Health
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Why Phages?

Bacteriophages, or phages for short, are ubiquitous in the environment. A critical part of ecosystems across the planet, phages naturally control bacterial populations.

Proteon Pharmaceuticals designs and produces phage products that take advantage of the natural strengths of these organisms. We use modern scientific tools, like full genome sequencing, to assure that the phages we can guarantee the safety of our products. Moreover, phages leave no residues, are non-toxic (except to the targeted bacteria).

Whats New

Data shows us that
Tighter control on the use of antibiotics and reduced use of antibiotics in animal production leads to lower antimicrobial resistance rates in animals.
Antimicrobials are essential for
Animal health, welfare and productivity and they contribute to food safety, food security and public health.
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Proteon Pharmaceuticals is dedicatedly involved in developing products that provide their functional benefits and also improve the on-farm productivity.


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Proteon Pharmaceuticals has received a variety of praise for its groundbreaking developments in the field of animal health. We are committed to provide access to Phage technology on a global scale.