Bacteriophage based feed additive cocktail for Aquaculture.

Product description

Ingredients: 5 Lytic Bacteriophages Concentrate 10⁸ PFU
Net Quantity: 1 L
Manufacturer: Proteon Pharmaceuticals

Key Features

Proven to be effective against Aeromonas spp and Pseudomonas spp.

Encourages healthy growth and development in fish.

Adds to water stability.

Additive supplement for food or water bath.

Can be used for any type of fish farming system and breed.

Made from all-natural products.

Easy to use.

Who benefits?


Can be mixed with commercial feed in the following ratio:

1 litre of BAFADOR ® per 5 tons of small fish (under 100g per fish).

Can be used for water-bath:

I litre of the product in 1000 litres of water.


To ensure product stability and longevity, store in a temperature range of 2°C to 10°C.

Who is it for:

The product can be used for all types of fish species that are produced in different types of production system.

*   Feeding system largely depends on production system being followed and the species of fish being cultivated.

*   The product is an additive supplement and it should not, by any means, replace the existing diet for the fish.

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Product Overview

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