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Proteon Pharmaceuticals Opens a New Modern Production Facility in India

Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. is pleased to announce the launch of their latest manufacturing facility in India. This 700-metre square factory is designed with cutting-edge zones for optimal operational efficiency. This is a pivotal step in our mission to significantly enhance our production capabilities, meet customer demand, and foster job creation within the company.

View a special video message from our CEO, Professor Jarosław Dastych, celebrating this significant milestone in our operations and global expansion.

Boasting a production capacity of 20,000 liters of product per month, our company is set for significant expansion. We are actively working to enhance our production capabilities and diversify our packaging options with smaller volumes, aiming to streamline distribution and better meet customer needs. Our facility is outfitted with the latest equipment, including magnetic mixers and an automated dosing-bottling line, all underpinned by advanced process control technology.

Professor Jarosław Dastych, CEO of Proteon Pharmaceuticals, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone: Our new production facility in India positions us to fulfil current demands and strategically plan for the future. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to advancing global healthcare solutions and our dedication to growth in international markets.”

India’s strategic location was a decisive factor for our expansion, chosen for its proximity to key markets and customers. Professor Dastych adds:India is the cornerstone of our strategic focus, which includes not only the local market but also countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and selected countries in Africa. This strategic move is aimed at bolstering the company’s expansion and commercial activities across the Asian Subcontinent and beyond.

The factory will produce several of Proteon Pharmaceuticals’ bacteriophage-based feed additives, including our current portfolio of products: BAFASAL®, BAFASAL + G®, BAFACOL®, and BAFADOR®. These products are crafted using modern technology and expertise, with the core ingredients sourced from our headquarters in Lodz, Poland.

Our dedication to innovation, quality, and leadership in biotechnology drives us forward as we tackle the current global health challenges. The opening of the Proteon Pharmaceuticals Production Unit in India is a clear indication of our commitment to broadening the global availability of innovative bacteriophage solutions.

Manufacturing Facility in India

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