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Proteon Pharmaceuticals Receives European Patent for Innovative Poultry Diagnostic Method

Proteon Pharmaceuticals is thrilled to announce the obtaining of a new European patent for our pioneering technology: “Method and Kit for Detection of Extraintestinal E. Coli Strains Pathogenic to Poultry”. Officially published on 1 May 2024, in the Bulletin of the European Patent Office (EPO) under the number EP20845245. This patent marks a significant advancement in the field of poultry health.

Our newly patented diagnostic method offers a swift and reliable way to detect Avian Pathogenic Escherichia Coli (APEC) strains that are responsible for colibacillosis.

Colibacillosis is a common and costly disease of domestic birds, affecting poultry worldwide as one of the main issues of high poultry mortality. 

Leveraging the power of multiplex PCR to identify two key virulence genes and the gene responsible for the 078 stereotype, our method ensures the prompt and unambiguous detection of these harmful pathogens.

This cutting-edge diagnostic test is a game-changer for the poultry sector. It enables farmers and veterinarians to quickly identify APEC strains within the breeding environment, thereby facilitating immediate and effective treatments. As a result, the implications of this advancement extend beyond reducing the economic losses due to poultry mortality. It also enhances food safety and the overall health of both animals and humans.

The development of the test addresses a critical need in the poultry industry. Traditional methods of identifying pathogenic E. coli strains have been slow and often inconclusive. Our patented method provides an innovative solution, offering a more efficient and accurate approach to disease management in poultry.

At Proteon Pharmaceuticals, we are proud of this achievement and look forward to its positive impact on the poultry landscape. By improving diagnostic precision and upgrading the process, we are contributing to ensuring healthier flocks, safer food supplies, and the reinforcement of a sustainable agricultural sector.

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