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Executive Forecast: “Poland 2023: Roadmap to Sustainable Healthcare” Edition – an interview with Jarosław Dastych, the CEO and founder of Proteon Pharmaceuticals

In the recent report prepared by the Executive Forecast, Professor Jarosław Dastych shared his passion for bacteriophage technology and threw light upon how it can revolutionize the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

This interview was published recently and is available here.

Highlights from the Interview with Executive Forecast:

  • Professor Jarosław Dastych discusses the driving force of Proteon Pharmaceuticals and highlights our focus on transforming science into technologies.
  • In the interview, Professor underscores our commitment to a deep exploration of naturally occurring bacteriophages. Our patented technological platform and its advanced methods for analyzing DNA of bacteriophages is the key in the crucial characterization of bacteriophages.
  • The interview examines the challenge behind the bacteriophages as a potential solution to address the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis and alternative to antibiotics along with bacteriophage technology that can be used for AMR Mitigation.
  • The company’s continual growth and enhancing R&D endeavors worldwide – the inauguration of the Centre for Bacteriophage Biotechnology in 2023 in Poland and launching of the manufacturing facility in India at the beginning of the year 2024.
  • In the next five to ten years Proteon Pharmaceuticals will play a pivotal role in continuously evolving landscape of biotechnology, with phage-based solutions in the global market.

The Executive Forecast is an executive intelligence multi-national platform for executive leaders to keep on top of industry trends and prospects as recognized and examined by influential figures. This tool offers an access to knowledge that goes beyond what’s available in standard company profiles.

To read the insightful interview, please click here

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