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Proteon Pharmaceuticals: Pioneering Bacteriophage Technology for Global Health Challenges

In a recent interview with The Poultry Site, Professor Jarosław Dastych, the Founder and CEO of Proteon Pharmaceuticals, shared insights into the company’s pioneering efforts in utilizing bacteriophages to revolutionize poultry health. The interview was published on 27th September 2023 and is available at The Poultry Site.


Highlights from The Poultry Site Interview with Professor Jarosław Dastych:

  • Professor Dastych discussed Proteon Pharmaceuticals’ innovative work in using bacteriophages to address antibiotic resistance in poultry farming, positioning the company as a leader in this field.
  • The interview underscored Proteon’s commitment to developing natural and effective solutions against pathogenic bacteria in poultry, using advanced technologies like -omics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and AI.
  • Professor Dastych highlighted the European Parliament’s acknowledgement of bacteriophages’ role in fighting antimicrobial resistance. He also addressed the challenges in navigating the regulatory environment for bacteriophage-based products.
  • Proteon is spearheading a shift towards sustainable poultry farming, with three phage-based products already approved globally and five more in development, aiming for improved animal health and economic performance.
  • The recent inauguration of the CBB was discussed, emphasizing its role in advancing research on bacteriophages and their application in combating antibiotic resistance in poultry.
  • The interview highlighted Proteon’s dedication to creating a safer, more sustainable future in poultry farming and its significant role in global efforts to improve animal health and food safety.

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