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Advancing Bacteriophage Research: Proteon Pharmaceuticals opens the Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology in Łódź

Łódź, 21 July 2023 – Proteon Pharmaceuticals opens the Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology in Łódź

Proteon Pharmaceuticals is delighted to announce the inauguration of its groundbreaking Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology (CBB) in Łódź. This significant milestone exemplifies the unwavering commitment to advancing the field of bacteriophage-based products and propelling innovation within the industry.

The CBB, a state-of-the-art laboratory outfitted with modern infrastructure and technology, will serve as a hub of scientific discovery, where highly qualified team of scientists and researchers will conduct groundbreaking studies.

Our core mission at the CBB is to craft forward-thinking strategies harnessing the power of antibacterial properties of bacteriophages, propelling us towards a future of sustainable health solutions.

With a significant investment of nearly PLN 6 million, the project has established a spacious 1600 m2 laboratory, equipped with modern research instruments. These include a pipetting robot, a sequencer, real-time PCR thermocycler, bioreactors, a tangential filtration system, a microencapsulator and much more.

The geographical location of Proteon Pharmaceuticals in Łódź is not coincidental,” states Professor Jarosław Dastych, the Founder and CEO of Proteon. “Our company initiated its first research endeavors at the Łódź Campus of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 2008. Many of our key employees and contributors are graduates of Łódź universities, renowned for their exceptional education in biotechnology, microbiology, and molecular biology. We maintain close collaborations with local universities and research institutes. Presently, this modern laboratory in the heart of Łódź employs over 60 skilled professionals.

As a globally recognized leader in bacteriophage technology, Proteon Pharmaceuticals is poised to redefine animal health and food safety landscapes. Our bacteriophage products demonstrate potential in significantly reducing antibiotic usage in animal farming. This will contribute to safeguarding animal health, while improving economic performance. Limiting the use of antibiotics within the human food chain holds great importance for human health.

Our commitment to the development and commercialization of pioneering biotechnology products is further underscored by our successful acquisition of nearly PLN 37.5 million in EU grants, reaffirming our dedication to driving advancements within the field. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we continue to stay focused on our mission to shape a safer and healthier future.

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