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Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A.: the year 2023 at a glance

Now as 2024 unfolds, let’s take a moment to reflect on the key events and milestones of 2023 with a comprehensive summary. 

In the realm of biotechnology and animal health, Proteon Pharmaceuticals actively engaged in trade fairs and conferences that shaped industry outlook. From these numerous events to celebrating the grand opening of the Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology, and the annual World Phage Week, each occasion played a crucial role in defining our path and supporting further advancements in bacteriophage research, leading to innovation in food safety and animal health. Let’s look at the most important events and breakthroughs at Proteon Pharmaceuticals throughout the past year.


We exhibited our bacteriophage-based cocktails which support poultry farmers in challenges coming from pathogenic bacteria at the International Production & Processing Expo 2023 (IPPE) – the world’s most largest exhibition of technologies, equipment, materials, and services used in the production and processing of eggs, meat, poultry, and animal feed. This event took place in Atlanta, USA. Our Techno-Commercial Manager LatAm, Amanda Cobucci, delivered a Tech Talk about ‘Phage-based Solutions for Poultry Diseases with a Focus on Salmonella’, successfully attracting a full audience and sparking further interest in the subject of bacteriophages.

The 5th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit, was held in Boston, USA. Two representatives from the company delivered insightful presentations: the first on ‘Taking Usage of Phage Therapy to Tackle Antibacterial Resistance in Aquaculture’ by Matthew Tebeau and the second on ‘Exploring Advances of Phage Therapy in the Poultry Industry for Successful Regulatory Approval’ by Justyna Kowalska. Proteon Pharmaceuticals is going to participate also in this year’s edition. Our company Founder and Chief Executive Officer, professor Jarosław Dastych, is going to be one of the main speakers. To hear this engaging talk, register here.

IPPE 2023, Phage-based Solutions for Poultry Diseases with a Focus on Salmonella by Amanda Cobucci from Proteon Pharmaceuticals

5th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit, Technical Seminars delivered by Matthew Tebeau and Justyna Kowalska from Proteon Pharmaceuticals

We were also presented at the VIV ASIA 2023 – One of the largest exhibitions and conferences for the feed, animal, and aquaculture industries in Asia, was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Our booth drew substantial attention, with a vibrant crowd expressing keen interest in our technology. During the event, our colleagues Joginder Singh Uppal, Regional Business Director – ISC, together with Dr. Varun Namdeo, Techno-Commercial Manager, conducted a Technical Seminar, discussing ‘Sustainable solutions supporting antibiotic-free animal farming’. The seminar enhanced the recognition of our innovative contributions within the industry.  

In May we attended the NIPOLI Expo 2023 – West Africa’s largest poultry and livestock industry exhibition and conference, in Ibadan, Nigeria. Our Techno Commercial Manager delivered a presentation on ‘The use of bacteriophages in poultry production’, gathering a full audience and initiating further conversations and exchange of experiences in the field of improving safety and effectiveness in animal production. Thanks to the possibility of showcasing our solutions and the research based on field studies, the interest in our phage-based products has increased even more than ever.

VIV ASIA 2023, Sustainable solutions supporting antibiotic-free animal farming by Proteon Pharmaceutical team

NIPOLI Expo 2023, The use of bacteriophages in poultry production by dr Rafał Kędzia from Proteon Pharmaceuticals

In June we participated in the ILDEX Philippines 2023 – The international exhibition and conference for the feed, livestock, dairy, meat processing, and aquaculture industry, was held in Manila, the Philippines. As part of our engaging presence, we hosted an insightful Technical Seminar, featuring our Techno-Commercial Manager, Rafał Kędzia, who dived into the future of poultry production and aquaculture, exploring the opportunities given by groundbreaking bacteriophage-based solutions.

In early autumn we jointed the Victam LATAM 2023 – A world-wide exhibition and conference in São Paulo, Brazil, showcased innovative solutions for feed, animal, and aquaculture industries. Our colleagues delivered Technical Seminars about ‘Bacteriophages as the Next-Gen Solution to E. Coli Challenges in Poultry’ and ‘Guardians of Poultry Health – Solutions for Salmonella Galinarum Prevention’. Their presentations highlighted a huge potential of natural bacteriophage feed additives.

ILDEX Philippines 2023, The use of bacteriophages in poultry production and aquaculture by dr Rafał Kędzie from Proteon Pharmaceuticals

Victam LATAM 2023, Technical Seminars delivered by Amanda Cobucci, dr Rafał Kędzia and Rodrigo Borges from Proteon Pharmaceuticals


The Inauguration of the Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology (CBB) – A Milestone Event in 2023. On July 21st, we proudly opened the doors to the innovative Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology. This significant occasion marked a new era in our scientific journey and  exemplifies our  commitment to advancing the field of bacteriophage-based products and propelling innovation within the industry. It serves as a hub of scientific discovery, where highly qualified team of scientists and researchers will conduct groundbreaking studies. To find out more about the Center, read our news.

July 21st 2023, The Inauguration of the Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology (CBB) 

The Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology (CBB) in Łódź

Impact Report 2022 Launch – This year, we’re thrilled to present a detailed Impact Report that highlights our significant contributions toward creating a more sustainable and healthier food system. Our efforts in 2022 have been pivotal in reducing the unwarranted use of antibiotics, bolstering food safety, and enhancing sustainable practices in food production. Additionally, our initiatives have played a crucial role in minimizing food waste and reinforcing food security. This report not only reflects our commitment to these crucial areas but also charts a path for future endeavors in promoting a healthier planet and populace. If you haven’t read our Impact Report yet, please do not hesitate to click here.

World Phage Week – In October, our team joined the global community in celebrating World Phage Week, a time to recognize the remarkable potential of bacteriophages in advancing medical and environmental sciences.

This year, our focus centred on showcasing our solutions at various international events and trade shows, with a special emphasis on our advancements in the poultry and aquaculture sectors. A significant milestone was the inauguration of our state-of-the-art Center for Bacteriophage Biotechnology (CBB) in Lodz, Poland, marking a significant leap in the realm of phage therapy. It has been a year marked by both growth and look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and discovery.

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