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Unveiling the Advancements in Phage Technology: A Quantum Leap in Understanding for Enhanced Animal Production Benefits

In the year’s closing interview with Feedinfo, Justyna Andrysiak, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Proteon Pharmaceuticals, sheds light on the recent breakthroughs and the efforts to customize phage products for aquatic conditions. The interview was published on 7th December 2023 and is available here – Feedinfo.


Highlights from the Interview with Feedinfo:

  • Justyna Andrysiak emphasized on the pivotal shift in the technological landscape, allowing for the precise identification and characterization of virulent phages.
  • The company’s focus on bacteriophages, natural microscopic organisms with the ability to target specific pathogenic bacteria, marks a revolutionary approach to preventing and treating bacterial infections in animals.
  • The interview highlights how Proteon employs advanced molecular biology techniques, sequencing technology, and bioinformatics resources, coupled with artificial intelligence tools like PhageAI.
  • The company’s significant accomplishments include the ability to incorporate phages into various formats, the construction of complex in vitro models, and the implementation of High-Throughput Screening (HTS) methodology.
  • In 2023, one of Proteon’s major priorities was testing products for shrimp, recognizing the unique challenges posed by the aquatic environment.
  • Justyna Andrysiak acknowledged the significance of aquaculture in sustainable seafood production and detailed the efforts to customize phage products for aquatic conditions.
  • Proteon Pharmaceuticals maintains its pioneering spirit, aiming to inaugurate a state-of-the-art factory in India in 2024, highlighting the commitment to expanding its global presence.

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