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Proteon Pharmaceuticals: Pioneering Bacteriophage Technology for Global Health Challenges

In an exclusive interview with Hind Poultry, Professor Jarosław Dastych, the Founder and CEO of Proteon Pharmaceuticals, shares the company’s pioneering work in the field of bacteriophages. The interview was published on 14th October 2023 and can be downloaded here – Hind Poultry.


Highlights from the interview with Hind Poultry:

  • Professor Dastych, addressed the complexity of navigating regulatory landscapes for bacteriophages and emphasized the company ensures compliance and safety through rigorous testing and validation processes, adhering strictly to ISO 9001 standards.
  • The company tailors bacteriophage cocktails to target specific bacterial pathogens and strains. Professor Dastych highlighted the potential for future product development, exploring cocktails that target multiple pathogens simultaneously.
  • Proteon is committed to ethical animal treatment, wherein bacteriophage solutions are designed without adverse effects on animal health or welfare. The company prioritizes preserving the natural microbiota and ecosystem by ensuring ethical research and development processes.
  • The company is dedicated to making bacteriophage products accessible and affordable globally. They implement strategies such as local partnerships and tailored product offerings to address the diverse economic conditions and healthcare infrastructures in different regions.
  • Professor Jarosław Dastych, concluded the interview with the message to make significant contributions to the Indian Poultry Industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for animal health, addressing challenges, and fostering a sustainable future.

Hind Poultry, founded by Mr M. K. Vyas, stands as a prominent monthly magazine based in Hyderabad, India, with a global footprint, reflecting its commitment to fostering international dialogue and collaboration in the poultry domain. It has further solidified its presence by publishing over 60 books on various aspects of poultry and livestock, covering topics such as management, diseases, processing, feed formulation, and nutrition.

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