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Proteon provides efficient animal care that improves the welfare of your farm animals, your productivity and gains and ultimately the health of humans who consume them.


Product Development Process

Four general steps:

  • Determining the key bacterial pathogen, key features of the disease and how it develops.
  • Upon thoroughly understanding the targeted bacterial species, bacteriophages are selected that fulfil the set criteria and other key elements which guarantee a reliable bacteriophage product. Proteon products are a cocktail of multiple phages and full genomic sequencing is conducted on each phage.
  • Once a group of potential bacteriophages is selected, extensive in-vitro and in-vivo testing & screening is conducted to ensure product safety and optimization.
  • Proteon bacteriophage cocktails are developed together with diagnostic tools that improve upon existing predictive diagnostics. This makes the production process repeatable, scalable and cost-effective.

Development Process

The Proteon Phage Development Platform
PROTEON’S proprietary Phage Development Platform contains tools and processes honed from more than 10 years of R&D experience in bacteriophages. Our products are developed using bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, genomic sequencing, materials engineering and molecular biology.


Quality Standards

Proteon labs are certified by Good Laboratory Practices. Proteon has implemented ISO 9001.
The production process is GMP compliant. Proteon follows standards set by European Union Regulatory Authorities while building products. Conclusively, for feed additives, we follow the standards of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Proteon has submitted the first ever bacteriophage dossier for a feed additive and received the approval of quantitative methodologies from the European Reference Laboratory for the use of bacteriophages.
Proteon develops products with a view that the products can be effective when used anywhere around the world.

Our Products

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Proteon Pharmaceuticals engineers sustainable & reliable products that eliminate all your issues and monetary loss on the farm caused due to illness or mortality in farm animals. Our products make animals healthy and reduce the food chain related risks.