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PROTEON’s mission is to improve human, animal and plant health, proactively reducing the reliance on antibiotics. We use natural, safe and environmentally sustainable solutions developed from our phage-platform technology

PROTEON partners with farmers in the field of animal health, focusing on solutions that improve the economic efficiency of farms, while promoting environmentally sound, natural and sustainable solutions.


PROTEON uses bacteriophages as the foundation for preventing and eradicating infectious diseases in animals, humans and plants. Bacteriophages are naturally occurring organisms in the microbiome.

Bacteriophages offer an exciting alternative to antibiotics in combating pathogenic bacteria including antibiotic resistant microbes (AMR). PROTEON’s therapeutic products are safe for human, animals and plants and are based on environmentally sustainable methods and approaches.

We have developed a unique phage-platform using proprietary tools and expertise in microbiology, DNA sequencing and bioinformatics. Our phage-platform enables continued discovery of new solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications.



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