Proteon Product Overview

Antimicrobial resistance and food chain safety have unaddressed economic and social impacts worldwide.

Proteon’s technology and bacteriophage solutions reduce the economic losses due to mortality and disease, while also reducing risk associated with food chain safety. Our natural products are reliable, sustainable and completely healthy for animals and humans alike.

Our first product, BAFASAL® , is a feed additive that prevents and eliminates salmonella on the poultry farm. Our first aquaculture product, BAFADOR® , a feed additive prevents and eliminates opportunistic infections in the aquaculture pen while enhancing immune function. All of our products are designed so that in addition to their functional benefits they enhance on-farm productivity and increase the environmental sustainability of livestock production

A Disruptive and Desirable Solution


Product Development Process

Proteon builds all of its products according to standards set by the European Union regulatory authorities. For our feed additive products this means adhering to criteria used by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Proteon has filed the pioneering bacteriophage dossier for a feed additive and has received the first ever approval of quantitative methodologies from the European Reference Laboratory for the use of bacteriophages.

We consider four general steps as we develop all of our products.

  1. We identify the key bacterial pathogens responsible for disease with an eye to understanding the key features of the disease as well as how it develops.

  2. Using an in-depth understanding of the targeted bacterial species, we identify – using a number of screening methodologies – bacteriophages that fulfill a set of criteria related to efficacy and other key elements to guarantee building a reliable industrial product from the phages. All Proteon products are cocktails of multiple phages and for every phage selected we conduct full genomic sequencing.

  3. Once a group of potential bacteriophages has been selected we conduct further in vitro and in vivo testing and screening to assure safety, optimize the performance and begin product registration.

  4. All Proteon bacteriophage cocktails are developed together with diagnostic tools that improve upon existing predictive diagnostics. Furthermore, they are developed so that the production process for using them is repeatable, scalable and cost effective. Finally, we assure through our materials engineering and molecular research that our phages are structured in a cocktail to be stable and easily deliverable to attack/target the selected bacterial pathogens.

Proteon develops products with a global view that they are effective in all parts of the world.

Quality Standards

Proteon’s laboratories are Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified.
We have implemented ISO 9001.
Our production process is GMP compliant.

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