Antibacterial resistance and food chain safety have unaddressed economic and social impacts globally.

PROTEON has developed products to solve important food safety and animal health issues for poultry and aquaculture. We partner with farm owners and managers as well as veterinarians to provide bacteriophage-based solutions that improve economic efficiency while helping develop environmentally sound and sustainable business practices. In particular our bacteriophage solutions can help reduce the ecological footprint and address proactively the issue of antimicrobial resistance.

PROTEON’S technology and bacteriophage solutions are patent-protected and reduce economic costs due to mortality and disease, while also reducing risk associated with food chain safety. Our products are highly efficient, sustainable, and completely natural.

Our first product for poultry, BAFASAL® eliminates human-pathogenic Salmonella in poultry farming. We also have developed BAFADOR®, a bacteriophage solution eliminating Pseudomonas and Aeromonas infections in commercial aquaculture.

PROTEON also offers veterinary services:

  • Veterinary Auto-Vaccines

  • Phage-based Vaccines

  • Monitoring & Diagnostic

Our products have been developed in our GLP certified laboratories and are produced according to rigorous international manufacturing standards guaranteed through ISO 9001:2009.



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